Some of those who’ve attended

Elon Musk | Founder, Tesla & SpaceX

Reed Hastings | Founder, Netflix

Bono | U2

Arianna Huffington | Founder, Huffington Post

Drew Houston | Founder, Dropbox

Jack Dorsey | Founder, Twitter

Niklas Zennström | Founder, Skype

Jean Liu | President, Didi Chuxing

Melissa Yang | Tujia

Peter Thiel | Founder, PayPal

Daniel Ek | Founder, Spotify

Miguel McKelvey | Founder, WeWork

Terry Gou | Founder, Foxconn

Julia Hartz | Founder, Eventbrite

Peter Sutherland | Former Chairman of Goldman Sachs International

Scott Cook | Founder, Intuit

Tony Fadell | Founder, Nest

Dan Brown | Author

Mike McCue | Founder, Flipboard

Arkady Volozh | Founder, Yandex

Larry Summer | Former Head of the US Treasury

Shailene Woodley | Actress

Steve Case | Founder, AOL

Wesley Clark | Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander

Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria | Founder & CEO, Sherpa